Cash Envelopes: Coming Soon

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The cash envelope is a great way to start budgeting. I always resisted budgeting because I felt like I had to give up everything and not have any fun money. 

First I build my monthly budget using the Monthly Budget Tracker. After I have figured out all the bills I pay online; rent, car, internet, phone, savings account, credit cards - I am working to pay off, etc.


Please check out my video on how and what envelopes I carry with me:  


There are 3 ways to managing the money in your envelopes: 

1. Any remaining money gets rolled over in the same envelope for future purchases. This works great on the Me Money envelope, I let it roll month to month sometimes and then have a mini-guilt free shopping spree! 

2. Any remaining money gets rolled over to another envelope for extra spending. 

3. Any remaining money goes to your savings account or a special savings fund. I am saving to go to Europe, I make extra money and add it to my vacation fund. 


What Cash Envelopes do I have? These may not be the right ones for you, these are the ones that work for me.

  • Self + Care (makeup, haircut, highlights, mani, pedi + facials), 
  • Me money; anything I want to buy without feeling guilty (clothes, shoes, etc)
  • Doggie (dog food, toys, grooming, emergency stash for unexcepted vet bills)
  • Gift (birthdays, Christmas, Mothers + Fathers Day, Sympathy)
  • Girls Night Out 
  • Car Maintenance (oil changes, scheduled and emergency maintenance)
  • Whoops (this is my extra just in case)
  • Grocery
  • Saving Envelopes for less frequent purchases: Black Friday, Back to School Supplies + Clothes, Vacation, etc.