Collection: The Book: My Fat Pants Don't Fit

My Fat Pants Don't Fit​: A Mostly True Story of Divorce, Weight Loss, and Finally Finding Self-Love

  • Have you ever suffered from low self-esteem, self-hatred or weight issues? 
  • Struggled with self-care or been plagued by self-doubt?
  • Have you felt lonely, sad, or isolated?

You are not alone.
This is not a book about weight loss.
But weight loss plays a key role in this book.

Despite — and in spite of — struggles with extreme weight gain and emotional eating, divorce after a dozen loveless years, falling in love only to be left heartbroken, the fat pants that once fit didn't fit, no longer define Dina Marie.

With grit and determination, she managed to rise like the phoenix, more comfortable, confident, and beautiful — inside and out —than ever before.

And you can too.