Book Me: Motivational Speaker

Book Me: Motivational Speaker

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Dina is an accomplished entrepreneur with a strong corporate talent leadership background. Her mission is to inspire, motivate and empower women to live their best life.

Dina’s sessions offer a fun, vibrant and heartfelt dive into tackling your own goals. She is no stranger to overcoming obstacles of her own, struggling with her weight & losing 140+ and finding positive self-worth.

Dina blends 10 years of corporate leadership experience with 6+ of entrepreneurship to offer a well-rounded message. Recently, she sold her successful Craft + DIY business. 

Her goal is for women to rebuild their self-esteem and positive self-image in a comfortable environment.  

Author of the book, My Fat Pants Don't Fit: A Mostly True Story of Divorce, Weightloss and Finally Finding Self-Love.